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Free 420 Trade Services in San Diego.
 Why Trade?  The primary reason The Strainbank offers 420 trading services for our members is to help offset the current poor economic climate. Many times cannabis patients have excess medication in the form of flowers, bag shake or harvest trim and want to exchange their 420 product for clones they need, but cannot afford.

 Free BHO.  The Strainbank is the only collective in San Diego offering free wax marijuana concentrate (butane honey oil) to patient members with severe conditions or ailments. The only way we're able to provide this service to patients is through the generous donations we receive from our longtime members. We do our best to help struggling patients receive affordable access to authentic genetics by offering a local 420 Trade program.

 Trade Form.  The success of our program has given many members the opportunity to safely & discretely connect with other local (verified) patients and establish new relationships. To get started, fill out the simple form below.


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 Craigslist Alternative.  Unfortunately, Craigslist is a key area law enforcement search when investigating illegal distribution and acquisition of marijuana. Unknown to most patients is the responsibility on their part to verify the patient status of anyone soliciting marijuana on Craigslist. In other words, criminal charges could be made against you for acquiring any 420 products from non-patients, regardless if it was traded for or purchased. Our free 420 Trade program provides members a safe & discrete network to trade their excess medication to verified, local San Diego cannabis patients.

 Exclusions.  The 420 trading services we provide are exclusively for members of our collective. eClones membership is always free; we simply need to verify your patient status, which can be done by visiting our Pre-Verification Form. After your patient status is verified as current, you can begin to be provided any Member Specials that are currently available.

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& marijuana concentrates.  Free San Diego marijuana delivery service for medical marijuana patients only.